Choo Choo Train Combo Jumper (sku c213)

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This  Choo Choo Train Combo Jumper 3 in 1  is the ideal jumper for toddlers and children under 12 years of age. Packed with games and activities inside including obstacles and mini slides that your guests will enjoy.

Its unique combination of colors, and train like layout, this  Choo Choo Train Combo Jumper 3 in 1 is simply the ideal jumper for any type of party or event. You can also fit up to 10 participants at a time.

It features:

  • Fits up to 8-10 children at a time
  • 8-hour rental
  • Free delivery to selected areas

Size: Length: 32ft. Width: 14ft Height: 13ft.  Space Required: Two feet over default dimensions.

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