Looney Tunes Jumper (sku r127m)

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Need an original Looney Tunes regular jumper? This is the one and only and 100% original Looney Tunes regular jumper packed with premium grade, and lead-free vinyl material that has been made with the utter most care and craftsmanship. This Looney Tunes jumper is not like the other knockoff jumper you will find elsewhere. Our Looney Tunes bouncy comes with the original colors and features as required by a licensed Looney Tunes jumper rental provider.

This one an only Looney Tunes regular jumper its the ideal jumper for any birthday party or event. Packed with plenty of interior space to fit up to 5 children at a time. Just like the rest of all of our jumper in our inventory, this bounce house is insured and sanitized as well as park approved for use on any park in San Diego County.

It features:

  • Fits up to 5 children at a time
  • 8-hour rental
  • Free delivery to selected areas

Size: 15ft x 15ft by 15ft.  Space Required: Two feet over default dimensions.

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