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Bounce SD provides you with the most affordable toddler jumper rentals in all of San Diego!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       No other toddler jumpers like ours will give your young ones one incredible time at their birthday parties. We have palace castles, Mickey Mouse, multicolor ones, and many more. Our jumper rental cost includes delivery to any area within a 10-mile radius from our location in San Diego and its free if your order is $200 or more.

                                                                                      NO UPFRONT PAYMENT REQUIRED

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  1. Happy Bounce House Jumper (Toddlers) (sku r160)

    If what you are looking for its a castle/girl-themed bounce house, this is the ideal jumper for your next birthday party,family picnic or special event. Whether you need it for your residence Learn More

  2. Fun Castle Jumper (sku r161)

    If red is your color and castle is your party theme, this bouncy its the perfect choice. Our fun castle toddler jumper is the ideal jumper for both girl or boy themed castle birthday parties Learn More

  3. Toddler Jump Jumper (sku r162)

    With a size of 10x10x10 this toddler jumper its the perfect small, affordable and compact jumpy for a toddler’s birthday party or event. With enough interior space to fit up to 6 toddlers, Learn More

  4. Toddler Pink Castle Jumper (sku r163)

    This beautiful Toddler Pink castle its simply the perfect jumpy for a toddler birthday party or event. It comes with plenty of interior space to fit up to 8 toddlers as well as windows for yo Learn More

  5. Mickey Learning Club Jumper (sku i512)

    Thiѕ intеrасtivе design bоunсе house will сеrtаinlу lеаvе уоur kidѕ with ѕеvеrаl hours of fun with itѕ Diѕnеу themed fine art. Our amazing Mickey Lеrаning Club is Learn More

  6. Disney Princess Palace Jumper (sku i515)

    This mesmerizing Disney Princess Palace Jumper will make each and one of your girls at your event the happiest child. Rent it here with us for an affordable rental price.

    Learn More
  7. Mickey Mouse Park Junior Inflatable Jumper (sku d211)

    This incredibly awesome Mickey Park dry slide jumper is a full-fledged mickey mouse themed bounce house! Packed with a jumping area, stairs and a slide, this bounce house is perfect for child Learn More

  8. New Toddler Jumper (sku r164)

    This toddler jumper is not your typical bounce house for children under the age of 6, its one of the lead-free park approved and insured toddler jumpers that we sanitize before delivery, ever Learn More

  9. Carnival Toddler Combo Jumper (sku i517)

    This Toddler bounce house is the perfect bouncer for a toddler party featuring a carnival theme that comes with over 6 different games inside such as mini slide, obsta Learn More

9 Items

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